What Muhammad Ali Related to?

As I told in my previous article, I greatly respect Ali since I was a kid. I instantly gravitated towards him just after his name was mentioned by my dad when we were watching Mike Tyson. That is why I talk a lot about him.

He was the most popular man in the world in 70s and 80s, probably through the 90s and early 2000s. Since everybody still recognize him in that period of time.

There is a lot of shows or events that actually related or originated to Muhammad Ali that we often didn’t realize.

1. The Greatest of All Time or G.O.A.T

Probably the most popular term in a sport world today. Whether people want to talk about Michael Jordan in basketball, Tom Brady in Football, Pele or Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi in soccer, etc. They love to talk about who is actually the best ever.

But anyway

Who is the first one that popularized the term the Greatest of All Time?

It’s Muhammad Ali.

The funny thing is that nobody can get away with saying that he was the greatest other than Muhammad Ali. Because Ali invented the term. I mean, not literally, but he was the first one who popularize that GOAT term in the golden era of boxing.

2. Trash Talk

Trash talk had been in the sport world before Muhammad Ali. There were some athlete who talk “trash” in sport before him.

But Ali took it to another level. He use it as his marketing tool.

He was so brave and ‘arrogant’ that he will tell people that he was gonna knock his opponent out in the 5th round. And a lot of people come and buy tickets to see this loud mouth get beat, eat his own words, and shame on himself.

But Ali back it up. Making a lot of people getting more furious about him. Just like some people hating on Floyd Mayweather.

But, what was it that he market or he sell then?

He market himself. Muhammad Ali.

He was the product and he was also the salesman. He was the most unique and creative athlete of all time.

3. Hip-Hop

This is funny. Hip hop did not exist until the early 70s. And Ali had been fighting professionally since the 60s.

But it’s Ali was the first one who literally free-styling his words to sell his fights in the 60s and 70s.

Yes! He was a rapper. Look at his rhyme below:

If he want to go to heaven, I’m gonna took him in seven.

Ali on Sonny Liston

At the sound of the bell, Terrell would catch hell

Earnie Terrell thinks he is a championship fighter, but when he meets me, he’ll fall 20 pounds lighter.

He’s going around callin himself the real heavyweight champ, but when the fight starts, he’ll look like a tramp.

Ali on Earnie Terrell

I’m a great fighter, but I’m as good as your writer.

Muhammad Ali

Even though they called it poem. That was also what we know now as rapping.

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