This Might Inspire You to Discover Your Talent

When you get mature, it’s becoming more obvious that everything in this universe exists with reason and purpose. Like EVERYTHING! Animal, stone, fire, water, dust, molecule, ozone, mountain, and ultimately and especially a human.

When I see a mountain, I see a natural foundation of the earth. When I see a sun, I see the biggest source of energy and light for the entire solar system. When I see pigs, I see a natural cleaning machine of the earth.

Have you ever wondered yourself in front of the mirror and say “what is my purpose?“.

Your purpose in this world must relate to your strength, that is called talent.


Like the mountain, sun, and pigs above. They all are attributed with strengths to support their purpose.

The talent that you have would also bring you fulfillment that most people call passion, so:

  • If you are good in fixing cars or bikes, your purpose might be a mechanic.
  • If you are a deep thinker, your purpose might be a writer.
  • If you are good in designing, your purpose might be a designer.
  • If you are good in music, your purpose might be a musician.
  • If you are good in programming, your purpose might be a programmer.

We human likes to reject the greatness that is blessed or attributed to us. Most people prefer to pursue what other people think is cool than to look within them and work on their own greatness.

  • I know an old friend who is very good playing multiple music instrument, instead of pursuing it. He tries way too hard to get a college degree in electrical engineering to impress his mom and his friends. The degree that he hates learning. Now, almost 10 years, he has not graduated yet with debts everywhere.
  • I know an old friend who is passionate in playing, assembling, and fixing bicycle since he was 6 or 7 years old. Instead of sticking to it and maybe open his own bicycle shop, he became a pilot. Like damn! he leave his natural talent and passion on the table.

You can be a big guy and train boxing, punching heavy bags everyday, bulk your body up to 230 pounds. But you won’t hit hard and KOing everybody like Mike Tyson or George Foreman if you are not a gifted or a natural power puncher.

You can be a good basketball player, work very hard, but you won’t be Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson if you are not talented in it. You can be a good engineer, work very hard, but you won’t be a Henry Ford or Elon Musk if you are not talented in it. No matter how cool you think you would be.

You are the greatest and the coolest version of yourself in any craft that you are talented at and mastering at.


So here are the points that may inspire you to discover or reclaim your talent:

1. Do What is Easy For You

We all have something that is easy for us to do that most people would struggle with. When we were a kid or in school, a lot of times some friend ask for help in certain things to us. That is the clue of strength or talent.

2. Easy but Hard to Monetize?

In this day and age, we almost can’t make an excuse. You can find a way to monetize a talent. Either you put your creation through Youtube, or building your teaching website, whatever you can think of. And of course that is the challenge. But it is worth it.

Beside, you can still pursue your talent while working in a 9-5 job. You don’t have to quit your job and start working on your gift. It’s a matter of learning to manage your time and building good habits.

3. Do What You Enjoy

Your talents may be demonstrating itself in other ways. Are there Youtube video topics that you just can’t get enough of? because I know I have! I just can’t get enough watching Stephen a Smith and Max Kellerman going at it on ESPN talking about the GOAT in sport. I also like watching Muhammad Ali’s fights and interviews in the 60s and 70s. Some of them videos I like to rewind back over and over again.

Think about what it is that you love to do the most when you have a free time. Are drawn to it? does it resonate to you? That’s a big hint and clue. It is probably a natural talent.

4. You May be Destined to Figure Out Your Talent By Yourself

Lion cub will be taught by their mother on how to catch a deer by themselves. As it will be their purpose when they grow bigger, that is to hunt and eat herbivorous animals so that the ecosystem will always be in balance.

In human, it’s the opposite. I believe that it is a job of a father to guide their son to arrive on his purpose. To guide him in a right direction. To teach him on how to live their life.

A great father will know a natural talent or a gift when his son is demonstrating certain skill or interest or hobby. And he would jump in supporting his son.

A lot of men are not blessed with a great father or a father period in their life. So if you are not blessed with a great father figure to guide you on finding that purpose. You are destined to figure out by yourself. It can be through an easy way or hard way.

My thing is to decide whatever you want to do while learning and exposing yourself to new things. Try to work on it to the best of your ability.


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