Farewell Fake Friends

You are five people you are surrounding to.


It is really hard to find people who would genuinely support you on the process of greatness. Like finding a needle in the haystack. They are out there, but really hard to find.

Most people we see everyday just want to be with you on the result. They don’t want to be with you during the process.

Being alone is underrated. Even though real history shows us that almost every great men in the past started their journey on their own, alone, and they work on their gift to the top. If you watch biographical movies, they show you the first character in a loneliness in their journey of greatness.

But people like to ridicule loneliness.

And then if some successful men talk about the benefit of loneliness. How important it is to stay away from negative people. How they were struggling to learn, build, and pay their bills by themselves. How they were dreaming alone every night after all hustles they had been done throughout the day. And the same people who ridicule lonely people, they nod with a serious and straight face while listening it. It’s funny to think about but it’s true.

Great men know that most people love to be around successful people. They understand the nature of people. They understand that it is just a part of variety and it makes the world fun and colorful.

Can you imagine if all people are sincere? this world would be boring. There is no challenge and room for improvement.

There is no fire to build and conquer.


It’s important to separate yourself from hypocrites, from people who bring negative more than positive to your life.

Let them get along with the kind of them. Don’t let these people come into your life, they will affect you like a virus. They will try to make you to be themselves. They don’t want to see you to be successful.

They want you to be a failure like themselves.

Remember, misery loves company.

An drug addict wants their close friend to hang out and get high with them. A robber wants their close friend to hang out and rob with them.

You don’t need them man.

Evaluate your friends and what they bring to the table. If they are bringing more positive than negative into your life. Keep them. If they are bringing more negative than positive into your life.

Farewell and God bless them.


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